[Can a mother eat blueberries?

]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

[Can a mother eat blueberries?
]_ Postpartum_ can you eat

The fruit of blueberries has high economic value. Many people like to eat blueberries because their nutritional value is very high. Nowadays, many people have bad eye habits, which is prone to eye fatigue, and then easily cause myopia.People who use eyes often can eat more blueberries, because eating blueberries is very good for protecting people’s eyesight. So, can postpartum women eat blueberries?

Can a mother eat blueberries?
Can eat blueberries with high nutritional value, rich in calcium, vitamins, and anthocyanins, and sweet and sour. Eat in moderation can supplement nutrition, not only improve immunity, protect eyesight, smooth skin dryness, but also help postpartum recovery., A lot of effects.

Confinement mothers can eat fruits. Different fruits have the same effect.

The new mother chooses the appropriate fruit to eat according to her physical fitness, which will greatly help the postpartum recovery.

Can confinement eat blueberries?

What is the effect of eating blueberries in confinement?

Confinement mothers can eat blueberries.

For babies, eating blueberries is good for your baby’s eyes, teeth and bones.

For mothers, blueberry vitamin C, calcium and other nutrients, the new mother eats blueberries in moderation, which is conducive to postpartum physical recovery, enhances the body’s immunity, effectively relieves dry skin, and keeps moist and delicate.

It’s usually good to squeeze blueberries into juice or jam.

Although blueberries have so many good effects, eating more can easily cause diarrhea.

And pickled dried blueberries and drinks made from blueberries.

Not edible.

In addition, the consumption of fruits during confinement is recommended to distinguish between cold, hot or warm, cold physique mothers, it is not recommended to eat too cold fruits.

In addition, during confinement, it is better to use hot water to eat the fruits.

How to buy good blueberries?

It mainly depends on the color and shape. Good quality blueberries are usually dark purple or blue-black, with smooth surfaces and a layer of hoarfrost.

Poor quality blueberries are reddish, with rough surfaces of varying sizes.

Note: When new mothers are hungry to eat blueberries, they should avoid eating with milk or calcium tablets, because the two foods consumed together will affect the absorption and reduce the nutritional value.