[Do you drink jujube with dandelion]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Do you drink jujube with dandelion]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

Jujube is a nutritious food that is very familiar in our lives. Dandelion is a plant.

But both substances are very good for the human body, but we don’t know if we can put the two substances together.

Separately, red dates can nourish qi and blood, and have a good effect on the human body.

Dandelion is an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.

So do red dates drink with dandelion?

Dandelion can be drunk with red dates.

Jujube is generally used to supplement qi and blood, but patients with inflammation should try not to take it to avoid aggravating the inflammatory reaction.

Red dates nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and have a good effect on those who are physically weak.

Suitable for the crowd: Yin deficiency and fire crowd.

The effect of dandelion red dates soaking water dandelion is very suitable for various heat toxic diseases, of which the effect of clearing liver heat is very good, for the treatment of severe redness, swelling and pain caused by liver heat, and various wound infectionsThe treatment effect of post or purulent diseases is also very good.

You can soak the leaves of dandelion with boiling water and take it. This can alleviate the dryness and dryness of some bodies. In addition, it has a good effect on the treatment of various fevers and purulent diseases.

Taking dandelion water regularly can improve skin dermatitis or eczema.

In addition to the leaves contained in dandelion, which are good for the body, there are many benefits to the body after the flowers are taken. Some women with regular spots can drink more, because dandelion flowers have the effect of removing freckles.

It has been found through experiments that taking a proper amount of jujube tea every day can well combine the effect of nourishing liver, which is very suitable for those patients with poor liver function.

If you use a cup of jujube alone to soak water every day, and then persist for a week, the serum protein in the body will effectively increase, which will have a good effect of protecting liver and detoxification, so that even liver function is getting healthier and the skin is moreIt will become better and better to reduce the possibility of pigmentation!

Jujube’s blood-enriching effect should be a benefit that many people know. As long as you add the right amount of red dates to your daily diet or tea, you can improve the nutrition and nourish the body and not qi and blood.

You can see the red dates and eggs cooked together, and then take while hot.

If you want to speed up the effect, you can also add longan and brown sugar to your diet. These herbs can refresh the vitality of the body, so that the body’s immunity will become better and better.

How to choose red dates 1, fresh with less skin folds: Fresh red dates are fuller, and the wrinkles on the skin are usually reduced.

Moreover, the skin of good red dates is very bright after scrubbing.

2. The darker and sweeter the color: Too many people mistakenly think that the color of jujube is related to its freshness, and the darker the color, the older it will become.

But in fact, once the jujube is picked, the color of its epidermis changes little.

By the color of the epidermis, we can judge the sweetness of dates.

The darker the color, the higher the maturity and the sweeter it is.

3. The smashed worm with a stalk at the top: The sugar content of red dates is usually 60% -80%, and it is easy to be moth-eaten.

If there is no handle at the top, you need to pay attention to it. If there are any small holes, they will be wormed.

You can also squeeze it, feeling that the flesh is soft and empty, or it may be crushed by insects.