[Baby and Tonic Blood Recipes]_Baby_How to eat

[Baby and Tonic Blood Recipes]_Baby_How to eat

The physical quality of infants and toddlers is not so good, and even some infants and toddlers will have anemia. At this time, they need to be replenished with blood. You can boil some porridge with blood to give them a drink.Not only can it compress the effect of nourishing blood, but it can also re-absorb them during initialization without increasing the burden caused, so the most common is Xiaomi porridge.

Millet brown sugar jujube porridge material: millet 50 grams, jujube 5 capsules, brown sugar amount.

Practices: 1. Wash millet and red dates to remove small pieces.

2. Prepare the prepared ingredients and boil them together with water, so that the milled rice will be particularly sticky. 3. After cooking, add brown sugar and stir to eat.

Millet is rich in nutritional value, brown sugar has qi and blood, spleen and stomach, red dates and qi, nourish blood and soothe the nerves.

Peanut Jujube Porridge Practice: Cooking taste: Sweetness Preparation time: 5 minutes Number of people: 2 servings Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 400 grams of glutinous rice Ingredients: Peanut kernels (100 grams) Jujube (50 grams dried) Seasoning: Brown sugar 10Gram method: 1. Heat the pot, add water, add peanut kernels to cook, then pour clean glutinous rice and an appropriate amount of water, 2. add red dates after boiling, and then use low heat to cook until the rice turns into porridgeAdd brown sugar and mix well.

Diet Taboos: Peanut kernels (raw) For those with weak stomachs, peanuts should not be eaten with cucumbers and crabs, otherwise diarrhea may be caused.

Binaural jujube porridge practice: cooking taste: sweetness preparation time: 15 minutes number of people: 1 serving time: 15 minutes main ingredients: right amount of fungus (dry), right amount of Tremella (dry) auxiliary material: right amount of jujube (dry) seasoning: rock sugarModerate measures: 1, black fungus, Tremella soaked in advance, washed, torn into small flowers 2, red dates denucleated and washed (it is easier to buy seedless red dates directly) 3, add water to the pot and put black fungus, white fungus, red dates slowly煨 Stew until the soup is thick, and the fungus is soft and waxy. Nutritional effects: 1. In addition to the rich gelatin, black fungus can put residues in the dust in the human digestive system. The impurities are absorbed and discharged out of the body. The iron content is also very rich., Often eaten can nourish the blood and stay beautiful, shockingly rosy, radiant, imitating iron deficiency anemia.

2. Calcium and iron in jujube, they have an important effect on anemia caused by osteoporosis.