Massage face-lifting small coup

Massage face-lifting small coup

Some people are even thinner and can’t be thinner, and the whole body will be fat.

Then there appeared a variety of face-lifting advertisements, face-lifting masks, face-lifting surgery, etc., which emerged in an endless stream.

The easiest thing to do in various face-lifting methods is to massage face-lifting.

  According to experts from Beijing Xingyuan Medical Beauty Hospital, the principle of face-lifting massage: after 30 years old, the conversion hormone is reduced, the metabolism is slowed down, and it often causes swelling of the face and body. When it is serious, it is easier to make the muscles deform and the body is stiff, let your faceIt looks bigger.

In order to make the face smaller, it is necessary to find the cause of edema on the face. The robes are targeted for acupressure, and they will receive good results.

  Face-lifting small coup 1: A massage of the ankle joint 1. Massage the ankle joint with a finger from the earlobe to the line of the mouth.

  2. Press the fist in the same area after clenching your fist.

  3, press the palm of your hand for 5 seconds until the pain.

  Face-lifting small coup 2: If you narrow your cheekbones and narrow your cheekbones, your face will look bigger.

  1. After the four fingers except the thumb are slightly bent, massage around the cheekbones by drawing a circle clockwise.

  2, press the palm of your hand for 5 seconds.

I feel like I am trimming my face.

  3. Use your thumb to massage the area where the cheekbone is sunk, and press the side to move to the ear.

  Face-lifting small tricks three: the most effective way to reduce the face wide face looks smaller is to reduce the width of the face.

  1. Gently massage the muscles above the lower jaw with your fingers.

  2, clench your fist in the same part for a circular massage 3, press the palm for 5 seconds until the pain.

  Face-lifting small coup 4: Eliminate the swelling of the eyelids to eliminate the swelling of the eyelids, make your eyes look bigger and brighter, the eyes become bigger, and indirectly produce a small face effect.

One of the most effective ways to eliminate eye strain is to massage the acupuncture points around the eye while eliminating swelling of the eyelids.

  1. Massage with your thumb from the corner of your eye to the tip of your eye for 5 seconds.

  2. With the eyes closed, gently insert the index finger below the eyeball.

  3. With the eyes closed, use your index finger to gently turn the eyeball from the right.

Then exchange directions.

  4. Press the index finger and middle finger from the corner of the eye to the tip of the eye for 5 times.

  Face-lifting small coup 5: Eliminate the double chin massage only to eliminate the double chin to make the face more perfect.

  1. Use your thumb to repeatedly block the area where the chin is recessed.

  2, from the center of the chin until the earlobe continues continuous until the chin curve is soft.

  Point: After completing the above five massage steps, be sure to apply the face with an ice mask to achieve the best face-lifting effect.

  Face-lifting small coup 6: At any time you want to insert acupuncture points to create an awl face, there is a winning weapon, always aim at the acupuncture points shown in the picture, long-term persistence, will produce amazing small face effect.

  Point: When shrinking the acupuncture points, be sure to press a little pain.

Only when you stop at any time can you promote blood circulation, eliminate swelling of the face, and form a clear three-dimensional outline.