There are many ways to maintain the health of the fruit.

There are many ways to maintain the health of the fruit.

There are many ways to maintain the fruit. When the disease is strong and the two are suitable for the primitive society, the ancestors began to eat various fruits because of their survival needs.

Fruit is rich in its source, easy to pick, sweet and sour, and gradually becomes a stable food for human beings.

Since the fruit harvested is mostly done by women, the maternal clan emerges as the times require.

It can be seen that fruits accounted for a large proportion of human diets.

With the development and progress of human society, agriculture has replaced hunting, and picking fruit is no longer the primary means for humans to obtain food.

But no matter how history develops, fruit always occupies an important position in the human diet.

Fruit is no longer a food to fill the stomach, or an appetizer after a meal, to entertain customers, or even to prevent diseases.

Fruit—-healthy and delicious tonic fruit refers to the juicy and sweet plant fruit, which is rich in nutrients and can help digestion. It is also a general term for some edible fruits and seeds.

There are many varieties of fruits, different shapes, bright colors, fresh and tender, fragrant smell, sweet and sour, rich in nutrients, and cure the disease. It is the most popular food.

Fruit can be divided into two categories: fresh fruit and dried fruit.

The types of fresh fruits include apples, pears, grapes, pineapples, peaches, bananas, etc.; dried fruits mainly refer to nuts, such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, etc.

Fresh fruit contains essential vitamins, additives, protein, traces, additive fiber, minerals and other nutrients.

In addition to the above-mentioned nutrient elements, the dried fruit has a high content of transformation and potassium sulphate, which is beneficial to the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and is easy to store, transport, and taste.

According to its properties, fruits can be divided into cold, hot, warm, cool, flat, and cold fruits include mandarin, water chestnut, lotus root, banana, Sydney, persimmon, watermelon, etc. People with debilitating physique should be careful.

Warm fruits include jujube, chestnut, peach, apricot, longan, lychee, grape, cherry, pomegranate, pineapple, etc. People with hot body should eat in moderation.

The fruits of the flat are plum, plum, coconut, glutinous rice, hawthorn, apple, etc. These fruits are suitable for people of all physiques.

When eating fruits, it is best to refer to personal physique, as well as four-time changes, in time, location, people and can guide the role of health care.

Fruits—-Treatment of disease and good health with fruits to prevent and treat diseases. After years of research and practice by medical scientists, we have accumulated considerable experience.

Such as pomegranate diarrhea, pear cough and lungs, hawthorn appetizer digestion, banana decompression and so on.

There are countless stories about folk healing about fruits.

According to legend, during the reign of Emperor Chang of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Wu Zong of Wuzong was sick, and his mouth was dry and dry, and his heart was so hot that he did not take any of the hundreds of drugs.

When the hospital was full of helplessness, a priest came from Qingcheng Mountain, claiming to have a recipe to cure the emperor’s disease.

I saw the Taoist priest take a pear from the sleeve of the robe and put it into the clam, mash it and juice it, and mix it with honey to make it into a paste.

After Li Yanfu, the handle is more.

After this party flows into the people, it is called “pear cream.”

In the “Fairy Immortal Biography” of Ge Hong in the Jin Dynasty, there is also a story about the treatment of citrus: during the period of the Western Han Emperor, the Guiyang Suxiangong mastered the medical skills and worked hard to cultivate the immortals.

Before Chengxian, he said to his mother: “The next day, the disease will be devastated, and the well water in the court will rise one by one, and one orange leaf will be planted to treat one person.

In the second year, the plague was so popular that the mother gave it to people to heal, and it really cured many people.

Later, some of the “Orange Wells” marked in front of the pharmacy were offset.

The Tang Dynasty poet Yuan Zhen also gradually wrote the poem “The Orange Well”: “The Ling Orange has no roots and springs, and the world is like a dream and a thousand years.”

The township is not seen to return to the crane, the surname is now the first few cents.

The wind and the altar are quiet, and the grass is empty.

How to get the Su Jun trace, the day is full of heaven.

“These legends are somewhat inaccurate, but orange can indeed cure the disease.

Fruits have other unique functions, such as lemons rich in citric acid, apples containing a lot of malic acid, grapes containing tartaric acid, etc. These organic acids can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice. After eating for half an hour, eat some fruit to digestGreat morality.

This article directly aligns with everyone’s most concerned about the health of the diet, and conducts detailed and in-depth analysis. By introducing the therapeutic effects of the fruit and the therapeutic methods, you can reduce the great effect of the fruit.

Pay attention to my rich fruit-related knowledge, help you choose your own health, improve the quality of life, and avoid disease.