Soothing bath, 7 must know the bathing tips

Soothing bath, 7 must know the bathing tips

With age, blood circulation and metabolism will gradually decline. If you do not take a bath, you will not be able to warm up from the body, which will cause the cold to slowly accumulate, leading to shoulder pain, headache, gynecological diseases and other complications.

I hope that everyone can eliminate the coldness of the day by taking a bath and prevent it from accumulating in the body.

  When bathing time is to be immersed in warm water of about 38-40 °C, the blood takes about 1 minute to circulate the whole body.

Let our body warm up from the inside out, this process requires at least 20 cycles of blood, so the bath time of about 20 minutes is most suitable.

Must first take a bath after eating. When the person just finished eating, the blood flows into the stomach in a large amount. If you just take a meal, go to take a bath. The hot water devours the blood of the person to the skin in a large amount, causing the stomach to enlarge and causing indigestion;Bathing on an empty stomach can easily cause dizziness, nausea, and great damage to the body.

Experts recommend taking a bath two hours after a meal as the best.

  Choosing bath water temperature on demand Most people think that hot water is the most effective way to promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and relax, especially in the cold winter.

Some people also like to always inject high temperature water and continuously soak.

But the purpose of the bath is different, but the control of water temperature and time is very different.


When you need a good night’s sleep: 37-39 ° C warm water slowly soaked, let the body calm down.

The body temperature rises first and then slowly falls back. This process can lead to good sleep.


Remove the legs, feet edema: 37 ° C warm water soak for more than 10 minutes, the water level is best not over the legs.

In addition to promoting blood circulation through warming effects, blood and lymph accumulated in the legs can be brought to the upper body by circulation through long-term water pressure.


Stable mood: Soaking with hot water below 40 °C for 15-20 minutes, this will cause the sympathetic physiology in a state of tension to become a state of sympathetic parasympathetic work.


Improve skin roughness: hot water will dry the skin, and continuous bathing will reduce the skin’s defense function.

So choose 38-40 ° C warm water, soak for 5 minutes, it is important to follow the step of removing dead skin.


Relieve muscle fatigue: soak for 15 minutes or more with hot water above 39 °C to promote blood circulation.

The blood circulation is smooth, so that the lactic acid, which causes fatigue, can be converted into an energy source.


I want to keep my mind clear: I use 42-43 °C hot water to clean the whole body, let the sympathetic nerve work first, and improve the body’s tension.

  People with hay fever, allergies, and more people who are allergic to bathing or dry skin may be worried about the itching problem caused by bathing.

However, the warm water half-body bath that can improve the body’s internal temperature will not cause itching troubles, but also improve immunity and remove allergic substances attached to the skin.

In addition, patients with hay fever can exacerbate their symptoms when they are cold. They can also improve the cold problem through a half-body bath, and they can also reproduce the depression caused by hay fever.

  Morning and evening bathing methods are not in the morning when you want to wake up. You can take a shower with hot water of about 42 °C, or let the hot water not soak your shoulders.

In the morning, the joints and muscle activities are relatively slow. To improve this, you can use a little hot blisters. In the evening, you need to choose a hot water of about 38 °C for a bath for about 20 minutes to help relax and sleep.

  After bathing, you don’t need to rinse your body. When you use a moisturizing bathing agent, it’s best not to take a shower. Like the hot springs, it will wash away the moisture remaining on the skin surface.

However, if you put in grapefruit, calamus, etc., you should pay attention to it, and it may cause irritation to the skin. You need to rinse it off.